Our Focus

We seek to bring focus to the following five areas:

1. Spiritual. We are spiritual beings created by God with a spiritual hunger. We want to learn to be a people who are led and fed by the Holy Spirit.
2. Mental. We are reasoning beings that need solid teaching to challenge our thinking. Asking the important questions and seeking God's answers. Students will learn how to study the Bible and use it as a guide for their life.
3. Social. We are social beings and God has given us a community we call the church to practice community. We will incorporate discipleship and communication into daily living. We will also seek ways to bring community to those outside the walls of the church building.
4. Emotional. We are created with the ability to feel deeply. We will learn to support each other through highs and lows.
5. Physical. We are flesh. Our physical state can affect our ability to perform in all the other areas. We will learn to be good stewards of the body God has given us. This will be done in a creative way designed to each individual. Students will be involved in a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, snow boarding, camping, surfing etc.